3 Ways the Public Speaking Society Can Turn You Into The UN’s Secretary General

We often have so much to say to the world and to all the things going on around us that just need to be addressed. However, often those things pile up in our heads. All those opinions, ideas, and contentions remain within us because we fail to voice them out- or perhaps voice them out ineffectively. That, is where the public speaking society steps in.

1: We give you confidence shots

One of the main reasons we hesitate in voicing out our ideas and thoughts is because of this constant fear of judgement or inadequacy. We can help change that through our moderately intense, yet fun, camp sessions where we have various public speaking activities such as: declamations, impromptu speeches, as well as Model UN simulations. We openly discuss all ideas at camp, and everyone engages in fruitful discussion where all input is valued. Continuous practice and dedication will surely give your confidence a boost.

2:  We show you the world of diplomacy

You’ll often find yourself in the midst of a situation where you need to close a deal, get people to accept trivial decisions, or even resolve a heated situation. Not all problems can be solved with muscles (we’d rather you don’t solve any), and that’s where you play with words. Diplomacy, objectively, is about handling people in strategic ways; ensuring you attain the best possible outcome. While some people take diplomacy to be lying, cheating, and backstabbing- that’s not the philosophy we follow here in the public speaking society. A wise use of words can ease the worst of situations. Our MUN camp is best suited to equip you with said skills.

3: We help build your ideas

Ideas aren’t always perfect, and aren’t supposed to be static. Ideas are supposed to be constantly evolving and ensuring their efficiency, and the best way to do that is well – discourse. Discussing your ideas with people with varying opinions is the perfect way to develop them. At our camp, we have people with a wide range of beliefs and opinions; from those wanting an evolved version of democracy to those that support communism. You don’t need to worry about being judged: we have a zero-tolerance policy for intolerance.

by Muhammad Marsad
Public Speaking Society President

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