Broke College Student Thinks Michael Scott From Hit TV Sitcom ‘The Office’ Is Actually Her Internal Monologue

Listen. This is a serious issue. No, the A Level + debate camp + college applications + SAT I and II stress is not getting to me. Yes, I’m neurotypical. But you can’t seriously expect me to not think this is some sort of conspiracy theory.

Here’s a collection of Michael Scott moments that spoke to me on a metaphysical level. This is, pardon my White Girl, literally me. 

The workload is will be manageable, they said.

    1. First of all, priorities.
    2. Mood.
    3. Me. And you. Whether or not you admit it.
    4. Pictured: me in conversation with my Higher Self.
    5. A literal representation of me acting shocked after I burnout knowing full well I haven’t slept in a week.


    6. …And then the self-loathing hits.

      Same, Michael. Same.


  1. Followed by some attempt at an ego-boost
  2. But no.

    There is. No. Escape.
  3. Self explanatory.
  4. We’re all just like this.
  5.  But it’s fine.

By Vaneeza Jawad
Editor in Chief

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