6 Pakistani Icons We Bet You Didn’t Know Graduated From LACAS

Having an engaged and dedicated alumni network is of great importance to an institutions success. Alumni are our most loyal supporters and our best ambassadors, offering invaluable marketing and promotion across their personal and professional network. Let’s have a look at the top 6 Pakistani Icon we bet you didn’t know graduated from LACAS;

  1. Hassan Shehryar Yasin, HSYhsy-750x460

The name Hassan Shehryar Yasin — or HSY as most of us know him — says it all. As the front man of one of the biggest and most successful fashion enterprises of Pakistan, HSY is hardly a newcomer to the world of glitz and glamour. His fashion expertise has won him countless awards, including the ‘Best Designer’ and the ‘Most Stylish Fashion Icon’ HSY has shown his work to standing ovations across the globe. Hassan has made LACAS so proud with his talent, sophistication and looks to die for, we wonder why HSY doesn’t model his menswear collections himself! He’s one of the pioneers of our fashion industry and a feather in the cap of LACAS.

2) Maheen Kardar Ali, KARMA


Pakistani designer Maheen Kardar Ali

Maheen Kardar Ali does not need any introduction as she is one of the top fashion designers of our industry catering to a large clientele in many countries. She is a graduate of PIFD. She started her own exclusive brand and clothing label titled Karma, which today is the leading luxury fashion house of Pakistan. Karma has won the coveted many awards in the past five years which includes the best Women’s Wear for Karma. Yes, she’s another jewel in the crown of LACAS, this young designer has achieved paramount international recognition in the world of fashion.

3) Khadija Shah, ELAN



Elan is one of the hottest designer houses out of Pakistan. Creative Director and Founder, Khadija Shah, is nothing short of gifted. In a short period of time, We’ve watched Elan rise as one of the leading designer houses mentioned when discussing the best of the best of Pakistan and beyond. She has established an international reputation as one of the leading designer houses in quality and style. Khadija Shah is a proud Lacasian and a successful designer and entrepreneur who have taken the world of fashion by the storm with her unparalleled creativity and shrewd business acumen.

4) Ushna Suhail, tennis player


Ushna Sohail

Ushna Suhail, Pakistan’s first world-ranked female tennis player in singles and doubles made her name in the world of tennis player at a very young age. She is also a South Asian Games Bronze Medalist in singles and mixed doubles. We are genuinely proud of you Ushna.

5) Ali Hamza,



Ali Hamza’s  face that a lot of people associate with their teenage. Growing up and listening to Noori, holding fake concerts with your bed as stage and hairbrush as microphones, everyone has rocked out to their music. I remember when I first saw Ali Hamza when LACAS arranged his concert back in 2014, being his absolute adorable self in Coke Studio and as a 14 year old me, I was jumping up and down being super excited because I was honestly his biggest fan and who isn’t. “My time at LACAS was challenging as well as rewarding”. Ali Hamza the iconic rock sensation of the country is a loud and proud Lacasian who continues to make a mark on the music industry of Pakistan.

6) Nadia Jamil,


The energy level seems to rise as Nadia Jamil walks into the room. All the more surprising then that Nadia’s ebullient personality doesn’t spill over into her performances and she is known instead for her seamless, understated acting skills. She’s one of the most renowned actresses, an activist and educationalist of our country, is a Lacasian who continues to make us proud with her astounding achievements in many different walks of life.


by Khadija Sakhawat
Alumni Society President

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