5 Totally Legit Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Do you have assignments and tests tomorrow but have been procrastinating all day long? Did you waste your entire weekend on YouTube or Netflix and now it’s Monday night and you have a ton of work left despite skipping your annoying cousin’s birthday dinner yesterday? Fear not, for you have come to the right place! Let’s get down to business.  

1. Prepare your mind

The first thing you’re going to want to do is actually know what you have to do and be prepared for it, so it doesn’t come off as a last minute surprise — trust me, you do not want these kinds of surprises. Plus, you already know if you start late, you’ll most probably get done by four in the morning and come on, you don’t want that on a school night.

2. Allot time

After you know exactly what you have to do, decide how much time it is going to take for each assignment or preparation of test(s). I know it is going to be difficult but trust me, it’ll help you so much when you complete the work in the allocated time: not only will you be able to get back to scrolling aimlessly on Instagram or watching Netflix, you will get this amazing sense of achievement.


Listen, yes, this is the hardest part. If this wasn’t a thing then procrastination wouldn’t have existed. This seems pretty basic but you have to put your phone aside and resist using it. It seems very difficult but once you actually start working, you’ll see how better you can actually focus! If it still feels like your phone is calling for you, then I suggest just give it to someone like a sibling and then tell them when you’re allowed to have it back. Another thing is if you think you need your phone to search for something, check your textbook, you might not need the phone at all!

4. Inspirations!

You need to be motivated to be able to work with focus, so keep your goals in mind. Also another thing which might sound weird but actually helps is having an inspiring wallpaper on your phone and/or laptop. I speak from experience, this actually helps. See, just like this motivational penguin!

5. Do it!

Yes, this is the most cliché thing to say but honestly there is literally nothing stopping you from doing your work right now. You have to work for that dream university of yours, what better time than now? In fact, after you finish reading this article, you should go and start working on whatever it is you’re procrastinating on immediately. We believe in you!


As Queen Rihanna said, ‘Ya’ll betta work!’

by Sunaiha Adeel
Class of 2019

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