4 Hardcore Struggles Of Getting Into The Habit Of Reading

So recently, with A levels beginning, and this whole grail about reading and writing more, I have been very attracted to the idea of developing the habit to read more – since I’ve been flexed on by readers far too often for one lifetime. Now let’s just put the epic clickbait aside, and let me start by saying it has not been easy. I have been struggling to the point where I thought that writing an article like this was getting more and more necessary. Here are a few things that irritated me during the implementation of a reading schedule into my daily routine (failing to implement one but still trying.)

1. Umm… I have to choose a book?

Now in normal cases, for people with common sense and an IQ level of above 10, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. But, considering that this an article is written by a high school student for high school students, it kinda gets necessary to cut us some slack, don’t you think? Anyways, I was completely bamboozled when asked: “Beta konsi book leni hai aapne?” So, lost in the excitement of starting a book reading schedule (oh boy isn’t that ironic), I really didn’t put much thought into the fact that I will have to choose which book to buy. Should I just buy Harry Potter and whisper “Yer a wizard Harry” every night before I sleep or should I buy a current affairs book and be somewhat useful in public conversations?

Yeah I ended up buying Diary of a Wimpy Kid again that day.

2. You gotta make time for it too?!

Uh… you’re telling me that the book will not just poke me when I’m free and beg me to read it? Now you’re probably thinking, “wow, that sounds like a chore.” Yes, it is a chore. Once you get through the stellar experience of visiting a book store for the first time and buying a book, it won’t read itself. The problem here is that we have established such strict routines for ourselves without even realising it, that when we have to add time for something like reading – which let’s just say, isn’t the easiest thing to do – we realise that it’s a hobby that requires dedication.

3. Your brain just won’t cooperate:

So, here’s the deal. Once you make a super nice timetable outlining when you have to study, read, go to sleep, and wake up, it just adds to another bigger problem. Your mind just wouldn’t stay in one place. Every. Single. Random. Thing that has existed in the space-time continuum will pass your mind – oh, you remember how the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on the 29th of September 1914 was the catalyst for starting WWI? Yeah neither did I till I started reading that Harry Potter book.


4. Yeah I can’t think of a title here,

But can we please talk about how hard is it being consistent with that routine? Like goddammit, you feel like giving up the moment you are under pressure.

In the end, we just have to believe that the reasons why we started this whole book reading routine, are worth it. So let’s just get to reading together? One day… just one day, we might be able to flex back.

P.S: If there is any inconsistency in the facts presented here, please forgive me. I’m not that well read yet – Harry Potter only gets you so far. We’ll get there together.

Owais Sabri
Class of 2022

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