Which Cellphone Cult Are You A Part Of?

[Disclaimer: This article was written without the intent of targeting anyone.]

What do people’s devices say about them? This is a particularly difficult classification but one that I have fortunately managed to somehow make. Let’s get right into it then.

  1. The Flagship Owners
    This group makes up about 30 percent of the students in college, and that must’ve got you wondering, who exactly are these people? These are your typical iPhone owners (iPhone 8 and above applicable only), and Samsung Galaxy owners (again S8 and above only). This group will almost certainly be a little proud of their phones despite their cracked screens, or even their broken camera lenses because they’ve already sold their kidney to buy that premium experience – and now that their wallets are empty, they’ve got no money to spare for repairs.black and white fly GIF by RocketJump
    Anyways, these people will always be showing off the various new features in their devices and frankly, it gets a little annoying because “No Usama, I don’t care how fast your face ID works.”

  2. Old Phone Users
    These people are slightly more tolerable since phones aren’t the only thing that define them. This group is likely to engage in an interesting conversation with you because they just can’t do much on their slow phones. However, the not so content old phone users are extremely annoying. These ones will constantly keep telling you about how they just need a new mobile and keep boring you with details about potential to-buy phones.on air lol GIF by Elvis Duran Show
  3. The mid-rangers
    Now, I say this with no bias whatsoever, but this is undoubtedly the best out of the four groups. These are genuinely nice people who will give you the most honest and kindest of advice when needed – don’t question it, a lot of research went into this. They don’t see themselves as better than anyone and are usually down to earth about pretty much everything.
    be yourself good advice GIF
  4. The frequent changers
    These are people who are either good with money or can afford it. They have the greatest savings because they haven’t blown it all away on flagships and rather keep switching in between mid-range phones, meaning they are probably the ones you might see a snap of out for food every other day. Undoubtedly, they’ll also be ones to feed you if you’re ever short on cash. And yes, they also have all the information you’ll ever need about any tech in the market because even though they won’t buy it, doesn’t mean they’ll stop fantasizing about it.
    dreamy nicky ricky dicky dawn GIF by Nickelodeon
    Now that all four groups have been identified, I would like to point out that I’m not targeting anybody through this, nor am I saying one group better than the other, all I’m doing is pointing out some similarities within these factions.

Abdullah Yusuf
A-1 Student

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