Cute Stationary Items for College

So, you’re finally starting your A Level and you’re super nervous but also super excited. You have epic
plans for the year ahead of you and you’re almost shaking with anticipation. Obviously, you know
nothing about the hell that awaits you but we’ll talk about that some other time.


Anyway, you’re filled with the typical back-to-school enthusiasm and you want to be prepared. Well, if
you’re a freak like me, that preparation of yours will include being armed to the teeth – no, not actually
armed, gun control is a thing here unlike a certain other country – with super cute stationery.
Now I know most of you would be like “stationery? Who spends money on stationery?” and I just want
to say that if you think so, then you’re probably miserable and unpleasant to be around.


But that’s beside the point so anyway for the others who are more Cultured™ individuals, read on to
discover 5 absolutely amazing shops – online and otherwise – where you can satiate your intense thirst
for pretty stationery.

1. Natasha Zubair Stationery – Instagram: @natashazubairstationery

If you’re into cute journals, sketchbooks, notebooks and mini notepads, this is the place for you. Using
nothing more than recycled paper, this meticulous woman has created a brand in its own standing. The
paper quality is just perfect for all the notes you’re – hopefully – going to be taking during the year, not
to mention there are plenty of absolutely adorable designs to choose from. Also, a bonus for you guys
might be her super cute envelopes. I don’t know why you’d want to use an envelope but they’re cute
and cheap enough to splurge on so… why not? Plus, as I stated above, everything this woman makes is
created purely from recycled paper so if you’re an environmentalist who wants their future children – if
you want children that is, although God knows why you would – to live on a not-so-doomed planet, then
this should be right up your alley.

2. The Blingspot Studio – Instagram: @theblingspotstudio

So, for those who are already familiar with this place, you might be thinking, “Hey, you said this article
would cater to broke college students!” and I’d just like to say that okay, fine I lied.


Now this place, while a little – mind you, just a little – overpriced, it is still a super amazing place to shop
for stationery from. They have all kinds of things: pens, pencils, pouches, badges that you’ll need for
your fancy robes if you get into the council next year, literally everything, no doy. And the quality? Man,
the quality is absolutely, sublime. I’d give this place a 5-star-rating but for us non-bourgeois folk, I’ll
knock it down to a 4/5 just because it is at the end of the, a little pricy.


However, if you do choose to shop here, then rest assured, you will not be disappointed and it would
truly be money well spent.

3. The Blank Page – Instagram: @theblankpagepk

Okay, so there might still be some stubborn people who are not all that convinced by my previous
argument. So, for you all I bring you The Blank Page! This place is like a cheaper version of The Blingspot
Studio, with all the same things to offer, albeit maybe not all of them, but most of them, and their
quality is just as good. They deliver fast and have gone on this cool little ‘no plastic’ venture for their
packaging, where they use totally recyclable things for packing their orders. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Now,
I’m not saying they’re super cheap but their prices are still a bit more reasonable. But more than that,
these guys even have their own monthly subscription boxes full of pretty stationery. They’ve got all
these super cool themes for each month and they pack a whole box full of adorable little goodies that
are cute enough to make any stationery freak drool. So, for this do check out @thepiecesbytbp on

4. Notebook Therapy – Instagram: @notebook therapy

Okay now this place. Super, duper expensive, I kid you not. Plus, it’s like an international online store
with worldwide shipping, and with our economy and currency the way it is right now, well… let’s just
say if you don’t got the cash, you can’t get their stash (I know this was horrible do not attack me, or


In any case, if you do got the cash, then you’re in luck. This place has the most amazing and adorable
stationery it will drive you crazy. Their notebooks are perfect, the quality is excellent and all their
stationery is absolutely to die for. If I wasn’t as broke as I am, I would shop here every. Single. Day.

5. Miniso

You must have seen this coming. If you didn’t, then God knows how dumb you are – kidding, don’t get
sad – but really, man, Miniso is the place everyone gets their stationery from. It’s cute, it’s cheap, it’s
literally all over Lahore and above all, it is in. Every remotely ‘aesthetic’ Pakistani teen has been to
Miniso at least once and has a bunch of too cute stuff from the place. Although, if this is your aesthetic,
then we can’t be friends. But anyway, people’s fixation with Miniso is super hypocritical on most of their
parts since they shame all us ‘weebs’ for being super into Japanese stuff but that’s an argument for
another day.
So, yeah, that’s pretty much it when it comes to the top 5 places you can get super cute back-to-school
stationery from. And I know I lied in the title but like, that’s only the beginning of A Level for you man.
There are going to be even greater lies told to you and your life will be positively ruined.


But that’s all the more reason for you to go and splurge on super cute stationery, because at the end of
the day – and I don’t care what your therapist thinks – shopping is super therapeutic, so go ahead and
add to your cart!

Fatima Farooq Chishti
Top Contributer

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