Being the Odd One Out

Imagine this: you walk out into the school courtyard and suddenly, eyes from all around seem to be drawn to you for some unknown reason; you instantly become insecure, checking if you look fine, wondering what is wrong, but when you don’t understand, you pretend to be using your phone and just walk on. If this uncanny situation seems even remotely familiar, then congratulations you’re officially the odd one out.

Frankly, people will find the smallest thing to judge you on, and will make a big deal about it, and the unfortunate thing is that you’re forced into believing that this thing — actually is an issue. It can be anything, honestly. If you wear your uniform a little differently, if your trousers aren’t as fitted as some of the other people’s, if your hair just doesn’t come under your control, and even if it is an actual problem that you’re worried about, people around just cannot stop judging.

Now that we’ve established that people will almost certainly judge you in one way or another, let’s look at some solutions.

  1. Whenever you feel that someone is talking about you, specifically while you’re around, you should just walk up to them and confront them about it, because these people will surely be really insecure about themselves, hence they find solace in bickering about others, so they will have to stop.
  2. Be really confident of yourselves. This may sound really clichéd but it actually works, speaking from personal experience here. Whenever you’re getting ready for or about to go into public, just do your best to look good for yourself and then, frankly, nobody can bring you down.
  3. Finding a group of original people. These are the people who, if they want to say something to you, will say it to your face. These are definitely better than the hypocrites who’ll talk about you behind your back, passing snarky comments. This group will stick by you if you open up to them about any and all problems. Again, speaking from personal experience!!

Now, this may solve your problem for the time being but understand this, you don’t have to be one of the crowd — it does not even need to be a compulsion because at the end of the day — standing out is what makes a person actually achieve the things that others can’t, so don’t worry about anyone or anything, and just be yourself. See where that takes you, and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.


Abdullah Yusuf Malik


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