Halloween’s Over but the Deadman’s Party Still Continues

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this article are solely of the author and not representative or reflective of The LACAS Chronicles as a whole.


Greetings folks! Halloween is finally over, yet the international community still continues with its terrifying pranks (you wish it was a joke). To tribute the end of the spooky month and the beginning of an awful reality (at this point we don’t even need clown costumes, regular clothes will do just fine), here is a list of 3 events that occurred this past month, that scared the living daylights out of us. 


Oops, Trump did it again!

This is my personal favourite. President Trump is known for his ‘unique’ behaviour. He’s said some really weird stuff and taken back said stuff after the entire world went desi mom at him. This month he took things to another level. He removed U.S forces from Syria (yes, a war is happening in Syria and shame on you for not knowing this, you normie). He also allowed Turkey’s leader to start an attack against the Kurds near the Turkey-Syria border. Kurds have been helping the U.S in fighting the Syrian war since the start of the war in 2011.

Wondering why he backstabbed his allies? Well, so was the rest of the world — the U.S government included. Which is why, Trump later wrote a letter to Turkey’s president urging him to “not be a fool” and You don’t want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people”. In response, Turkey’s leader crumpled his letter and threw it in the dustbin (damn, this is worse than your middle school rejection).

Anyways, some U.S congress members are trying their best to stop a war from breaking out, yet the bizarreness of this situation and the horrifying truth is that the situation in Syria might worsen and that Trump might just make more foreign policy disasters still remains. 


Brexit: A divorce case worse than Brangelina

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might fear a threat to their record of the world’s most messy break-up because Britain and European Union have once again extended their break-up deadline. Britain first decided to leave the trading block in 2016, however two years later, there was still only minimal progress — except for like, countless embarrassing moments for the PMs and heapless debates in the parliament.

However, this month we saw Boris Johnson getting the queen to sign an illegal amendment to law. Thankfully, it received a royal “No” from the UK’s Supreme Court. Moreover, the parliament now wants another government election in December. On top of that, Ireland and Scotland have their own separatist movements gaining rise (because economic problems aren’t enough already).

Bottomline: Britain’s problems still continue, just with a whole bunch of anger, exhaustion and tiers of political disasters, reminiscent of your favourite Star Plus serial!


Pakistan’s Cool Boy: Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman 

A list about bad things happening in the world, and Pakistan not being mentioned in it? What a disney fantasy. Most of us know that PM Imran Khan is currently facing the Azadi March (top ten UNO-Reverse card moments).  Ironically, this time the promised Azadi is actually from Naya Pakistan. But, the bone-chilling truth about this news story is that Maulana Sahab has been able to garner a lot of support and his only demand is to get Imran khan’s resignation. Yes, a very wide room for “negotiations”.

How can our PM stop these protestors from their violent demonstrations, such as those done last year by TLP? Well, the same way the past governments did: using lathis, tear gas and sometimes something even more deadlier. This method has always given Pakistan the title: “Thanos of Democracy” and PM Imran Khan might just face his own existential war if Maulana Sahab remains consistent with his demands. 


Are we having a global war? An economic crisis sparked by Brexit? Or a country wide shutdown? Well that’s something January might tell us because hopefully new year, new us. 

Until then, that’s all folks!

Anoosh Jamshed

TLC Writer

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