What Being an AvGeek is Like

An interesting part about growing up is developing certain passions that drive you. For some, it is hidden and yet to be explored but others are already crazy about it. For some, this passion is ‘Aviation’ and it lives in our hearts. People who pursue this passion call themselves ‘AvGeeks’ — short for aviation geeks (for those who haven’t guessed it yet). Surprisingly enough, it is one of the most common hobbies with thousands of articles, videos and pictures across social media platforms.

For many, this obsession starts in their childhood, usually by watching these exquisite machines, a combination of unimaginable power and elegance, flying right before our eyes. The mere sound of those engines rumbling through the sky, lifting the airplane thousands of feet effortlessly into the sky send shivers down the spine.

AvGeeks often find themselves staring at the sky following the sound, scanning for the slightest shimmer in the sky. Wherever they are, they subconsciously look up towards the sky, spotting the airplane within seconds. This leads to them swiftly opening up flight tracker and reading all the details of that flight. The joy of guessing the flight correctly is unparalleled, and often shocking to many people, leading them to question this curiosity.

Another guilty pleasure I assume all AvGeeks have is watching endless videos of airplanes, listening to the sweet sound of airplanes piercing through the sky. With time comes experience and after spending countless hours obsessing over airplanes, you will find yourself skilled enough to distinguish between different airports, aircrafts, and even manufacturers. This is a skill you can surely use to impress others. 

The love for aviation drives people who are a community like no other. Even when you think that there is no one you can relate to, there will come a day when you’ll find loads of people who are equally enthusiastic about it, relating to everything that others find weird.



Emmad Raza

TLC Writer

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