Healing Through the Art of Journaling

Have you ever felt like the day was weighing you down? That every single detail was getting a little too hard to digest? It’s like you’re aware of what you want to achieve throughout those 24 hours, but you just can’t seem to get there? You have all these resolves:

‘You’re going to clean your room today’ but are you really up for folding the heap of laundry in the corner of your room?

‘You’re going to complete your assignment in time’ but did you hide your C graded college test result from your mom? 

‘Today, you’re going to eat healthy and maybe exercise later on’ but are you ready to experience the distaste of vegetables and then the week long cramps? 

‘You’re going to spend more time with your loved ones’ but are you really ready to listen to the constant nagging and discussing family politics with your aunt? 

Therefore, the real issue is: doing all this can be extremely difficult, stressful and time consuming. Some days it’s even more realistic to just give up entirely and snuggle up in that plush blanket, waiting for all your problems to magically disappear the next morning. But that’s really not how life works. If it did, I’d be sleeping all day long (I still do.) 

That’s where writing it all down comes in. Noting down your current emotions, your hopes and dreams, your revenge plans, your prank schemes or literally anything you feel or have felt throughout the day can make yours so much more finer. There are many reasons why most people start journaling. From travel journals, gratitude journals, dream journals to prayer journals, we keep specific ones for different aspects of our life. Sometimes, a journal doesn’t need a specific topic to be written on. It’s just you and your self-reflection. Quite honestly, I can easily confess that journaling is one thing I’ve done right since I’ve started it. 

There are tons of benefits that journaling can bring to you:

Gives clarity to your emotions

We, as A level students have so much going on inside our heads that its startling to consider how we’re still living through it. (yes I’m definitely venting) Hence, keeping a journal reduces that level of stress and helps you move past the scatter in your life. It also provides you with a deeper understanding of the pent-up thoughts that have been lingering in your mind.

Motivation for spending a better day

There is something about knowing that your day will be recorded that makes you want to make at least one good choice before the sun sets. I, myself, often ponder over this factor and think “I want to have something good to write about today.” But then I still continue with by self deprecating tactics. Don’t blame me! Everyone has their bad days, and then some just have a bad life ❤

Optimizes your future choices

It helps you to face your past experiences and gives you newer and fresher opportunities to re-create your present. Reading your old journal entries is a bit like reading a great book for the second time. You pick up on new sentences and see the past in a different way. I would definitely go back and murder my math teacher who made me do my tables, several times. Yeah, that’s the kind of self reflection I receive.

Provides you with your progress

Keeping a journal does not only help you in letting go but will also urge you to keep a record of your recent progress. At the end of the day, you’ll be having a track record on how toxic you used to be and how you’ve grown from that phase. Just kidding… unless? Yes, that was me venting.


There are so many more advantages that I could list down right this second but The LACAS Chronicles guidelines probably do not allow a 1000 word article. So, in conclusion, I tell you, there is no ‘right’ way to journal. All you need is a paper and a pencil and then, you’re good to go. If done effectively and regularly, it will change everything in your life for the better. 

Happy Journaling!

Eman Hussain

TLC Writer

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