The Top Five Meme Accounts on Instagram

First off, let me make one thing clear: Instagram memes > Facebook memes.
Facebook is full of wannabe memelord uncles and aunties who post those cringe-inducing, overused minion memes. “Exercise? I thought you said extra fries.”
Okay aunty Rukhsana, how’s that diet going for you? Facebook is where memes go to die. But Instagram, on the other hand, has people of culture, or dare I say, intellectuals posting memes about relevant issues like the Crisis of Joe.
But in all seriousness, memes are an escape from the increasingly stressful life of a high school student. From being relatable to nostalgic to just plain old edgy, memes have it all.
So here are the five best meme accounts on Instagram. 

5. @chillblinton

Just your everyday meme account. Chillblinton will bless your feed once in a while with a gem of a meme. It’s a great account to follow if you’re just getting into the memes. Fun fact, the name is a parody of the former US president Bill Clinton’s name. Took some big brain energy to figure that one out. Chillblinton’s memes are pretty chill compared to accounts like ark.mp4 so you can just vibe while casually scrolling down their account.

4. @ark.mp4

A personal favorite, ark.mp4 is part of the relatively new wave of ironic meme accounts which parody the ’Boomer’ style of memes. These ironic shitposts are a welcome change but these types of accounts are also the type that get the most hate. Some Karens and Kyles, who are usually the subjects of ark.mp4’s memes, report the account with the hopes of getting it taken down. But since accounts like ark.mp4 are helping bring about the end of boomer humor, one might say it’s a small price to pay for salvation. 

3. @saltafa

Every desi teen needs to follow Saltafa. The level of relatability in their memes is uncanny. Am I on day 67 of my 30 minute study break? Yes. Yes I am. For the kids who grew up on Bollywood movies, Saltafa’s posts will be even better. They’ll really make you feel connected to your culture. 

2. @childhoodmemorie.s

Now this page’s content hits me right in the feels. This account posts memes that refresh memories you didn’t even know you had. This is the type of wholesome content we all need. 

1. @godspods

Your one-stop shop for all kinds of memes. From ‘OK Boomer’ memes, to ‘vibe check’ memes, to TikToks — Godspods has it all. It’s like a go-to meme page when all other meme pages seem to be posting the same recycled jokes. Their memes can be enjoyed by a large variety of people. It’s no wonder that Godspods is also one of the most followed meme accounts with 1.8 million followers. 

Honorable mentions: @codmemenation, @pooperfesto and @mallofmeme. 

By following these accounts, you will have taken the first steps towards true knowledge and enlightenment. You will now be the person that sends more memes in group chats than actual written messages. These are the people who keep chats alive and keep conversations going. Apart from family chats, those are hopeless. My mom won’t even read my messages anymore.

Abdullah Wasif
TLC Writer

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