2020, Based On True Events

Have you ever felt as if the past is repeating itself too rapidly? Well, that’s twentytwenty for you. This year, without a doubt, has had its fair share of world transforming events: from an almost occurrence of WWIII, to a deadly pandemic, a global movement of racial justice, climate change bushfires, and the worst of them all-Yummy by Justin Bieber. Let’s take a look at … Continue reading 2020, Based On True Events

A Look Into The World of Kpop

A multi-billion dollar industry in the south-east Asian country of South Korea has emerged in the last two decades, thanks to Hallyu (the Korean wave). With government funding and its aim of soft diplomacy to establish influence over the world, many artists have emerged onto the world stage. New music is pumped out from labels big and small, each trying to put their artists in … Continue reading A Look Into The World of Kpop

Loneliness, Despair and Lyrical Rap

Given the current social climate, with an ongoing pandemic here to wipe the floors with our happiness, I have come to a realization that humans really can’t take loneliness. We’re hard-wired to always fancy a little company no matter how much we deny it. And there’s actual biological rationale behind this. You see, our ancestors had to survive, and the only way they could do … Continue reading Loneliness, Despair and Lyrical Rap

Do You Know Your Meme Songs?

When we were assigned to write articles themed around music and musical culture, my thought process somehow led me to the conclusion that meme songs and their cultural impact need to be written about. Maybe I just do not possess the big bren to write academic articles, or maybe the Gen Z within me has begun to dictate every single life decision I make.  See, … Continue reading Do You Know Your Meme Songs?

Music: Of the Soul, By the Soul and For the Soul.

“With music, there are only 12 notes. You can’t increase or decrease them. Those 12 notes are coming from the Divine. And the whole world is within them.” – Abida Parveen. The inherent mysticism, the state of entrancement, transcendent of language and ethnicity, race and culture, that is present in- what we now term as -‘Sufi Music’ can prove that it is one of the … Continue reading Music: Of the Soul, By the Soul and For the Soul.

Diving Into the World of Classical Music

Not to be your typical aunt-next-door, but go ahead and list some of the most legendary Pakistani Musicians that you know about. If Madam Noor Jehan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are all you could name, you might want to continue reading this article.   Now, if I ask you to name a few of the most iconic singers of the Hollywood music industry, the list … Continue reading Diving Into the World of Classical Music

Poetry for Misery

La haine à nos trousses et la faim qui nous pousse, la misère (The hatred on our backs and the hunger that drives us, the misery). The people of Pakistan are no strangers to misery; from the deepening poverty visible on the streets to the empty stomachs and shattered hopes of the working people, the women, and the religious minorities, Misery is a plague which has … Continue reading Poetry for Misery

Students and 2020: a love story

2020, has been different to say the least. For some, it was as Captain Raymond Holt once said,  Captain Ray Holt Pain GIF from Captainrayholt GIFs For others it was more of a Michael Scott quote, via GIPHY It was the worst, and this was no different for a student. This year had extreme effects on the A-Level student body; from drama in the educational … Continue reading Students and 2020: a love story

Plague, Academia, and The Yearning for a Neo-Renaissance

“Tomorrow will be better.” “And what if it’s not?” “Then you say it again tomorrow. Because it might be. You never know, right? At some point, tomorrow will be better.”-Morgan Matson Imagine. The plague has ended. You sit in your favourite café in that gorgeous city you always wanted to study in. The aroma of baked goods and beverages waft through the air and embrace … Continue reading Plague, Academia, and The Yearning for a Neo-Renaissance

How Not To Be A Feminist

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer and are not representative of the platform itself. The Feminist movement has swept the world in its wake; however, we see people debating feminism and its relevance much more than what it actually entails. Given the high degree of debate feminism has brought forward in the world (especially in a country like Pakistan, … Continue reading How Not To Be A Feminist