A Walk Down Memory Lane

Did high school hurt you again? Are tests stressing you out? Are A Level assignments lengthy as hell, making you crave a quick nap just to get through to the weekend? What you (and literally every A Level student) would love right now is a hit of that sweet, sweet nostalgia, times when we weren’t dying of stress. So buckle up as we take a look at the lives we couldn’t wait to grow out of, and now miss so dearly.

Good Morning, Fellow First Graders!

You know life was great when mornings were not the downside of the day (disclaimer: there are no downsides here). Well, imagine being awake at 6 — and it’s actually not because you were up till 6. You’re being praised for being the nicest child while your older brother gets a whooping with Ammi’s infamous maar wali chappal. You’re practically royalty since dear mum is brushing your teeth and tying your shoelaces, while you gape at a crow outside your window. You’ve finally learned how to eat so you insist on self-feeding as Daffy Duck tries his luck against Bugs Bunny on the gigantic mini-refrigerator sized TV that sits above your dad’s VCR. Before you know it, it was time for school and you missed another episode’s conclusion.

Academics? Nah, It’s Preschool

Your classroom was all vibrant and colorful. Your notice boards were littered with cute animal faces that your motherly teacher spent her summer vacations making. Side note: Remember when you called her mom once? God, that was embarrassing.
Anyways, recess was a whirlpool of weird games; but Baraf Paani was known to be elite in the playground (disagreements would often lead to toned-down parliamentary debates). The fastest runner in class got the most attention. No one could wait to match the pinnacle of ‘cool’ that your 5th grade seniors possessed. Your entire class was singing Dil Dil Pakistan in music class and PE lessons are more valuable than gold bars. Life was good.

In the words of Unai Emery, “Good Ebening”

4:30 is Beyblade. 5:00 is Pokémon. 5:30 is DragonBall Z. That’s how the weeb army penetrated into the world of anime. In order to emphasize my point here, this was a time when watching anime was not looked down upon (most of us didn’t even know it was called anime). Missing one episode meant that you’d have to beg your friends and cousins for details. There’s nothing more important than the Goku vs Frieza showdown. Tears wobble down those cheeks because Krillin died. Oh, and remember spending your 100 rupee monthly allowance on Trading cards? (not to flex but I still have about 800 Pokémon cards).

Game Time

The absolute cringefest that is Justin Bieber’s Baby and Imran Khan’s Amplifier are playing in the background as you play Zynga’s very first Farmville game. Your crops are dying and you spent a million coins on that ‘Gold Villa’ (in a farm. Like why? Who cares really?) Also, the 2011 Cricket World Cup is in full swing and playing cricket is all you do when the boys get together. The media has hyped up the Indo-Pak semi-final (it still hurts). Nothing would mean more to you than to win a rather meaningless match against your best friends. Besides, hardly anyone remembers the final time they went out to play — the time after which we never went again. I’m not crying, you are.

Night Time, My Time

You’re stuck playing GTA: Vice City as your friend flexes his GTA: San Andreas but it doesn’t matter because Vice City is awesome in it’s own ways. Your PlayStation 2 was by far the closest thing to a gem in your life. And for good reason.
Your bedtime was 10, but the urge to complete just one more mission on GTA was just too much. However, it’s in your best interest to adhere to it because Mom’s a madlad. Remember that whooping your brother got? Yeah, that might come your way too. 

The 2020s are screaming in our faces and growing up sucks, but hey, someone has to do it. We’re all in our teens and we still have so much more to learn, but somewhere between our hectic social and academic lives, all of us wish to go back to the simpler times. We’ve had two brilliant decades, and I’m sure we’re all hoping for an even better one ahead of us (cross those fingers NOW). I know it’s fun looking back, but I wouldn’t stress on it too much. Anyways, it’s time to get back to the study-tables. Ciao.

Muhammad Bassam
TLC Writer

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