Let’s Save the Animals

Not a single creature on Earth has more of a right to be here than others.

As humans, we consider ourselves to be intellectually superior to other beings, and rightly so — we do not see Chihuahuas working to eradicate the Corona virus or dolphins solving Brexit. However, as the species known for their better cognitive function, one would think humans would live up to their abilities. Sigh. When has that ever been the case?

Humans and humanity seem to be worlds apart as we read increasingly devastating news with every passing day, and no, I’m not just talking about our mid-term reports (muted screaming). We wake up to reports of all sorts of terrible tragedies so much that it has desensitized us at this point.

I’m sure all of us have come across a helpless animal on the street, suffering from injury, starvation or the lack of shelter. Rarely do people even try to help the animal, and when they do, they are often met with a “ghaleez hae paas na jao”, “pagal ho kya?” or my personal favourite, “yahan insaan ke rights nahi hai tum jaanwar ke rights ki baat ker rahi hou”.

Us humans need to realize that we are the reason for the undue distress of these creatures, hence it is our responsibility to care for their well-being. For instance, most of you that have pets know that a pet is nothing short of a family member and is equally important. However, it breaks my heart to inform you that there are people out there who do not give due importance to the commitment and responsibility that a pet entails. This often happens when people begin viewing the animal as a gift with a short-term commitment, resulting in them abandoning these animals once they’re older for a ‘younger and cuter’ version.

However, I am extremely pleased to inform you that there are people in our society that do care enough to help these animals. People often take the initiative to do this by making or joining different NGOs focused on animal rights. We reached out to some of these amazing people and here’s what they have to say:

  • Todd’s Welfare Society (Instagram: @tws.pk)

TWS works in different areas to promote animal welfare in Pakistan. They help provide shelter, medical assistance, rehabilitation and homes for animals. TWS also helps educate and create awareness regarding the plight of animals in Pakistan. All donations and funds go towards helping the rescues at their shelter. TWS believes that animals have as much right to their life as humans.

TWS is working towards building the first No-kill animal shelter in Lahore. Currently they have been helping animals from different foster homes.


  • Project Save Animals (Instagram: @projectsaveanimals)

‘Project Save Animals’ is a non-profit organisation based in Lahore. We are working towards rescuing and rehabilitating our furry friends. Our goal is to provide the homeless, abused and injured street animals with what they deserve. We’re also highlighting the importance of animal welfare education and promoting spay/neuter programs to assure the competent care of these animals. Our ultimate goal is to alleviate the suffering of our fellow living creatures and to provide a safe-haven for every single animal we manage to rescue. Our priority is to save as many lives as possible. We cannot alter their traumatic pasts, but we can brighten up their futures, and that is exactly what we do. We aspire to be the voice of the voiceless and to have a positive impact on society through our compassion, with the hope that we can give these animals a better chance at life. Everyone deserves a chance.


  • PAWS

PAWS aims to create a more just and equitable relationship between humans and animals in Pakistan.



  • ACF Animal Rescue (Instagram: @acfanimalrescueofficial)

ACF is a rescue and shelter service for injured and abused street and working animals.

All of these organizations run purely on donations, and so the least we can do is visit their pages and help contribute to their cause.

Let us all become more responsible people and learn to care for every single kind of being around us.

Zara Imran
TLC Writer

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