A Short Guide to the A-Level Student Body

One of the things that makes LACAS, well, LACAS, is the diversity within it’s student body. The woke™ students, way too laid back for their own good students, comic-geeks, communists, debaters, ‘weebs’ and many others, make it safe to say that the LACAS community is a colourful and (for the most part) a very wholesome one. Students usually choose the subjects they’re naturally inclined towards (if not under societal pressure—if so, I sincerely apologise and sympathize with you) and in turn, the subjects they study and extracurriculars they take part in massively influence their lives.

So, here’s a list of the types of students that I’ve encountered in college, in terms of their subject classifications and extracurriculars:

The S.T.E.M. Students: The ones that are not a disappointment to their parents.

Now these people are probably some of the smartest on campus (that, or they’re flunking their classes). If they’re truly passionate about what they’re studying, just standing next to them would make you seriously reconsider all the choices you’ve made in life and have a day full of self-deprecation ahead. Okay, maybe I went a little overboard, but the essence remains: being around Science, Mathematics and Computer Science geeks will make you feel dumber than you really are. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. 

Slightly pessimistic, these people tend to look at the glass half-empty. They’re also realists, so if you ever need a reality-check, you know who to turn to. 

The Humanities Students: “You can’t sit with us.”

My personal favourites, these people possess the most interesting and charming personalities on this list. Remarkably nice and cultured, humanities students are undoubtedly the reason teenagers in Pakistan are so woke™ (in the best way possible). Humanities students are the best people to hang out with and are more often than not, the life of the party. Having said that, it’s easy to feel intimidated and dominated around them even though they’re extremely approachable and friendly. Nevermind what I said earlier, you should sit with them. Surround yourself with these people and you’ll have the best time, guaranteed.

The Capitalists: They’re probably the ones that will be robbing you of all your cash one day, jk..unless?

I’m sorry, Wasay insisted. 

These students are usually the more laid-back, easy-going kind. They’re fun to have around, especially when they’re not talking about “Minimum Efficient Scale Points” and “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” 

They’re also the most approachable students on this list, if I say so myself. Moreover, similar to Humanities Students, they’re also great conversationalists and due to their versatility, amazing people to spend time with. Surprisingly, most of these students are great listeners—at least the ones I have interacted with. Rumor has it: there’s a long-standing conflict between them and the humanities students. Both could debate for hours on which economic system best serves humanity, and still not reach a compromise. 

The Public Speakers: You do not want to get into an argument with these people—I swear it’s not worth it.

Before you cancel me, let me apologise for classifying MUN-ners and Parliamentary Debaters under the same category. With that out of the way, let me use this opportunity to appreciate how gutsy and remarkably smart these people are. Public Speakers are either the most charming and guileless people you will ever meet or the most manipulative (and well, still charming) people you will be unfortunate enough to come across. Don’t let their all-encompassing knowledge and eloquence scare you though; they can actually be pretty cool people to spend time with. 

The Sports Geeks: Call football soccer in front of these students and watch them completely lose it.

If I was asked to describe these people in one word, it would be: vibrant. It is truly beyond me how they’re always so hyper-active and full of energy. The opposites of a vibe-kill, they are the most chaotic people on this list. Ask them anything related to football and they won’t shut up (yes, Rashmil, I’m looking at you). Football freaks will make football references and laugh at them all day which is why it is normal to feel very uncultured around them. However, given their sunshine-like personalities, they’re the best people to befriend. 

(Disclaimer: This list is in no way exhaustive. These are all deductions based on my own interactions.)

Arooj Tiwana
TLC Writer

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