A-level: The Anime

Proof that A-Level is an anime in some alternate universe: you have no idea what’s coming for you and the plot twists will make you cry. There is no meme here, just distant cries of our suffering comrades accompanied by some suitable background music. Add a shade more of exaggerated drama, some generic tropes, and throw in a lot of quirky people, and you would find yourself with nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. And yes, I may not be joking when I say that such art will be sold out in a matter of minutes because there are more closeted college weebs out there than one can imagine. So without further ado,  bear with me as I take you through the intriguing world of our A-Level campus, demonstrating to you just how well of an anime series we can create out of it. *cues opening theme*

  1. RIP dress codes

An appropriate uniform? Sure thing, except everyone wears it as their personal fashion statement. In the world of anime, no principal can confiscate your cursed heirloom necklace or demand you take off your llama-print socks in the name of dress code protocol. They simply cannot because you live in an ideal world where no one wants to suppress your individuality. Besides, how else would you be able to tell if that hotheaded hormonal kid who runs with his hands thrown back is a Shounen protagonist, if his rainbow coloured hair standing up straight with the power of plot armour was shaved off?

  1. Completely “normal” science events

One might get suspicious whether it’s a normal co-curricular event or if the underworld is secretly pulling the strings to recruit masterminds to overturn the world. Biology? Your friend will die from this disease we implanted if you don’t create a cure in ten hours. Robotics? Create a super humanoid robot to counter an alien invasion, just in case. Gaming? Find a way to survive in this virtual reality game and clear all 100 levels otherwise you’ll never be getting out. Murder mystery? There’s no mystery to solve, attempt murder and get away with it (maybe that’s going too far?).

  1. Hosting MUN Camp will be a battle arc 

Ah yes, MUNners and their infamous reputation for chewing you out if you were dumb enough to argue with them. Out of all the foreboding entities to exist, they may be the worst at dragging you into the dirt when you accidentally reveal your preference for Bingus over Floppa. What at first seems a dignified diplomatic debate will slowly melt into a chaotic battle for supremacy. MUN becomes Hetalia but with blood, gore, betrayal, verbal abuse, a lot of dramatic camera angles and intense wartime OSTs. Delegates will crumple to the group when someone turns their perfectly logical argument with a passionate speech on the power of friendship and compassion. Things will turn for the worst when the cool and ambiguous Chairperson sitting calmly with their glasses reflecting blinding light starts sweating nervously. 

  1. Sooner or later there will be a Post MUN Liberation arc

At some point, MUNners would realise that they might just be wasting their time. All those hours spent researching, building up your presentations and improving your diplomacy skills only for them to amount to little more than a measly academic achievement? No, they have worked so hard that they must surely achieve greatness by going further. In this action packed story arc, the idealistic youth becomes fed up with the incompetence of adults, because in anime only teenagers get anything done properly. They will probably raid the UN Council, demand all positions be forfeited to their superior abilities and then set up an agenda to bring about world peace. For all we know, they might even succeed.

  1. Volleyball like Haikyuu!!

Volleyball already has an infamous reputation because everyone who has stepped foot on campus has been hit by a stray ball at least once. The sport is so ingrained into campus life that you always see someone playing throughout the day, and you wonder if these people even attend their classes at all. It might be slightly annoying if you’re trying to have a peaceful break but all you hear are screams and thuds and a neverending assault of Fly High in the background. Leave them be though: all their ATP packets and emotions pour out every time they slap the ball and most of them may be going through some sort of character development arc themselves. Instead, grab some popcorn and sit down for the game because I assure you that the intergame monologues will be as, if not more, entertaining than the game itself.

  1. Don’t forget the Final Exams arc

Probably the most intense part of A-Level to even begin with. There’s no need for any exaggeration, and some motivational BGM might be desperately needed. The fun and quirky anime you were enjoying does a 180 to a more dark and sinister atmosphere. The eeriness of a deathly quiet room accompanied by ominous scratching noises (of pens and pencils if you were imagining something else) is emphasised better than any horror movie out there. The heartbreaking finale offers no happy ending as most people are devastated (yes, the snakes who cry over 85% results), and in some horribly funny plot twist, you realise that your teacher forgot to add the extra marks from that practical test to your overall weightage and now your grade is worse than it already was.

  1. Devastation and Revival (without the revival, yet)

Specific only to the last three batches (hopefully), this one arc really stands out from the rest due to the sheer scale of character development and storytelling. Nothing boosts character growth like a worldwide pandemic that forces you to sit at home, comtemplate existential doom and suffer the torture known as online classes, does it? The best (or you could say worst) technically-not-a-plot-twist-but-still-a-horrible-shock was that Mid Term exams were decidedly not cancelled as everyone had anticipated, and suddenly the realisation hit that binge watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure the entirety of your prep leave wasn’t the best idea (did I just break the fourth wall?). We sadly missed the true scene of devastation where the tears of the wronged (don’t feel sorry for us, we didn’t even try to study) would put actual waterfalls to shame. However, you could see the MedPub group practically bursting with the screams and cries for help (yes, you can actually hear them); one might think the Titans crossed over the wall. If watching emo teenagers be depressed about studying was too mundane, a twist of events threatened civil war between the Student Body and the Admin when the latter refused to budge on exam schedule, ultimately crushing any hopes the students had left of a silver lining. The arc is recurring and as the A2s head towards their incoming CIEs, they might practically beg for some form of salvation in their closing arc for the school- I mean, the anime. All jokes aside, we hope our amazingly talented seniors have the best of luck for the hell that is to come.     

  1. Love triangles??

HAHAHAHAHAHA you thought? This is A levels. There’s only pain and suffering.

Hadassah Khurram
TLC Writer

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