From Dundler Muffin to LACAS: A tale of “The Office” characters as A-levels students.

Recently, after rewatching the office for the 9th time, I couldn’t help but notice how some characters were uncannily similar to the types of people found on campus. The office is not just an ordinary comedy show, but an emotional roller coaster ride. Without a doubt it deserves utter admiration. Especially its diverse and exceptional characters who developed perfectly along the series(except obviously Andy Bernard – a character who failed us all). Now if we talk about A levels, it will not be an overstatement to state that the diverse range of people in Lacas can be classified according to the office characters.

1. Kelly Kapoor: ‘the dramatic tea givers’ 

To start with my personal favourites, these types of people are usually found on campus spreading all the tea. They are aware of every kind of campus drama and always have the most interesting take on each one of them. These superior beings can undoubtedly be classified under the kelly kapoor clan. Kelly is undeniably the ultimate girl boss. With her love for drama and pop culture she managed to say the most pizzazz and boffo stuff during the show. The way she wore a white dress on philus’s wedding is a major example. Moreover her absolute god-complex and overconfidence makes everything more amusing. “I have a lot of questions. Number one,how dare you?”, is arguably her most iconic line. 

2. Dwight Shrute: ‘freaks and geeks’ 

The Office wouldn’t be what it is without this quirky character; he steals the show more often than not, but this is what makes us grow to love him. Dwight Schrute is best described as “perfectenschlag“, because he ticks all the boxes as a comedy character — he’s insane, nerdy, fair, loyal, weird, dastardly — he’s got it all. In A levels you will always manage to find at least one such eccentric being. These people usually have the weirdest obsessions which they can’t stop talking about. Although they might seem weird  at first but they are the most genuine creatures. They never fake it and always have your back (only if you’re in their good books). Apart from their never-ending quirky obsessions, they are also the most dedicated people.  

3. Ryan Howards : ‘the only talk and never work kids’ 

 Ryan, a character who seemed to be the only sane one during the first episode but well well well how the turntables(only ogs will get it),he evolved into a complete phenomenon of disaster.  He goes from shy temp to the youngest VP in Dunder Mifflin (a “meteoric rise”, he might say), only to later become “the temp” again, albeit a very pretentious version. And we love it. Just like Ryan Howards, the type of people classified under this group are the snobbiest creatures, who only brag and talk instead of actually doing something(no offence). Despite his pretentiousness  this ‘fire guy’ or ‘obnoxious wonderkid’ made a strong presence in the show, just like his clan found on campus, who always manage to make a presence.  His ‘Wuphf era’ and his severe phone addiction are few aspects of his wacky personality which we can’t forget to mention.  

4. Stanley Hudson: ‘grumpy and wittiest of the campus’

It will not be a brag to say that Stanley is one of the most sarcastic characters,whose witty remarks and dialogues have made a special place in the heart of every the office fan. His love for pretzel day never fails to amuse the audience. Moreover, his encounter with ryan in which he said,”boy have you lost your mind ‘cause i’ll help you find it!?!”,is perhaps one of my personal favourite moments. With a sly smile and a brain full of sarcasm, Stanley without any hesitance straightforwardly roasts everyone. With that being said ,“did I stutter” remains his most iconic line which shall be engraved on his tombstone. We can find similar gems in lacas alevels, who are usually found in canteen or the school ground, grouchy and frustrated with everything(life tbh). Despite their grumpy attitude, these people are the most blunt and witty people. Making questionable jokes is a norm for them(which we adore)

5. Kevin Malone: ‘the underdogs’ 

Kevin Malone is the most lovable character in The Office. Kevin might be overshadowed by his coworkers yet he managed to make us laugh with his iconic dialogues and his unique personality.”I just want to sit on the beach and eat hot dogs. That’s all I’ve ever wanted”;this is a major representation of his chill personality, which greatly resembles a certain type of people found on campus, the ‘underdogs’. These people, although usually stay low-key, are the most fun and light-hearted people to be around. They are difficult to come across but once you befriend them you’ll consider yourself to be the luckiest.With his irony and his apparent innocence(not really), Kevin made a special place in the hearts of the office enthusiasts.

6. Pam Beesley : ‘goofiest dorks of the campus’ 

Pam’s metamorphosis might be the most notable of all the characters’, and once she realises her talent and worth, there’s no stopping her. From the way she partakes in Jim’s mischief to how she fearlessly pursues art school, Pam is just one of our all-around favourites. Similarly, the beesley clan found on campus are one of the most goofiest and warmest people. Their talent leaves you in awe. These dorks are often found trying different creative pursuits and are the most humble creatures. They are always there to console you(especially when you have pending university applications) and manage to lighten up your mood by buying you a milo. 

7. Oscar ‘pretentious woke snobs’

Oscar Martinez , “accountant extraordinaire”, is one of the few characters in The Office to have a pretty dramatic character arc.  Oscar was definitely one of the best; he was an amazing friend in multiple episodes to so many different characters and was also funny and moral without being a total Toby. His aura resembles a lot of people found on campus. These people are usually the smartest and know the strangest facts, which is great but gets annoying at times. Their political commentary sometimes leaves you wondering about your stupidity and ignorance. They have the best takes on everything and are generally very smart people. 

8.Michael Scott ‘life of the campus’

 last but not the least, Michael Scott is without a doubt the finest of them all (after Dwight though) He was funny and although he had his goofball moments, was actually a REALLY good leader. He could be serious when the occasion really called for it, but of course he was also funny and ridiculous in the best way. Equal parts lovable and infuriating, Michael reminds us of some of the people found in A-levels. These people are the brightest and most enthusiastic people. They are found on campus joking around with their goofy aura and best sense of humour. These people are hard to find, and trust me you need one in A Levels. 

Now if you happen to picture the on-campus beings according to this spectrum you truly have extracted the wiseness of this article. Although, many the-office characters have not made it to the list-like Phyilis and Angela (who also deserve all the praise)- the characters mentioned remarkably represent the remnants of the-office found on the dominion of LACAS A levels.

by Hamna Qamer

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