An Architectural guide to campus spots

If there is one thing that I have grown to accept during the past three months at campus, it’s the odd timings and dreadful gaps between classes. While others prefer getting a taste of hellfire and “chilling” in the scorching heat on the campus grounds, I, on the other hand, memorized multiple gateways to heaven; and by heaven, I mean a room with a functioning air conditioner or any space where one is not inhaling flames (quite literally).

Time to take a nap

Though it is already a known fact, I would still like to bring forth the majority’s concern and popular opinion: the girl’s common room stinks. However, if you were to weigh out the pros and cons of the situation, it would be unfair to discredit the functioning air conditioner, a rare sight caught on campus. The trick is simple: if you can endure the first ten to fifteen minutes and soldier your way through it, your senses eventually become numb and you can finally relax and unwind. The common room provides the perfect ambiance for all your tasks: sleeping, studying, playing outdated board games and a musical because carrying a portable, Bluetooth speaker seems to be the norm these days.

The most preferred activity is taking a power nap on one of the bean-bags. For that, it is advised
to bring headphones to zone out all background noises. By background noises, I am mainly referring to the cries of a miserable A-2 student, or friends sharing “campus tea” over canteen food. And if your auditory senses are extraordinary, then you shall also hear the back-ground noises to those background noises: secrets whispered into the air in hushed tones, and snores of an exhausted student. I must admit, the miserable examples of A-2 kids has created a horrifying image of our next academic session.

However, I would suggest setting a timer or asking a friend to wake you up, or else you shall rise
from your slumber and realize you’re late to your business class (Pakeeza Batool knows what I’m talking about).

The Staircase

The staircase I’m referring to is notorious for the audience it attracts. While I’m not endorsing (or condemning) anything in particular, I believe it is part of our campus and considering the size and population, there are few places to acquire for rest. There isn’t much to do at the stairs, except, talking about your day (or your arch nemesis) to your friends.

The library: a place steaming with knowledge

If you don’t struggle to begin all your tasks, delay them unnecessarily, and then pull an all-nighter to keep up with them, I envy you. If you are the perfect embodiment of the student we all aspire to be, the school library must be your sanctuary.

The library is a “welcoming” host for all types of students; from nerds to backbenchers, from the
robotics kids making toy cars to literature kids trying to gather material for their answer; the library has established itself as an alternative to other places. While “talking” is against the rules, you will find certain students who have put up a facade of working, while they actually talk about miscellaneous interests.

It provides a favorable environment to do yourself a favor, engage in academic tasks and complete them before you go home. However, the two fitted air conditioners are of no use, so if you must work, you shall be giving the task your “blood, sweat and tears”.

The Open Oven (also known as the ground)

We must also cater to the students who have remarkable tolerance to pain and can sit in the ground for hours upon hours in the abysmal heat to the point that they don’t even mind it anymore. We both pity and idolize them.

The ground is mainly filled with two types of people, the first being volleyball enthusiasts. These are people of a rare breed who don’t mind a giant ball flying towards them faster than light itself. They run on solar energy; as the sun rises, so do their energy levels. Do not expect them to leave timely, they shall play as long as the sun is out. The second type of students are those who are clueless about their next class or are trying to hide from the admin so they don’t get caught bunking (they usually walk in with a bunk slip on the following day).

If you test all four of these locations, you’ll find out soon enough that these are the only places the campus has to offer. Sad, isn’t it? Though there is no perfect way to spend your gaps (ahem ahem, the newly built rooms on the top floor) but as long as you’re with your friends, you’ll be okay; if all else fails and you pass out due to a sun stroke, your friends can always carry you inside!

by: Maram Bilal

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