Caterpillar in the Room – conspiracies crawling around us, thriving and never dying

Disclaimer: We are neither reincarnated Salemites nor Haqeeqat tv reporters. Take every word with a grain of salt, as everything mentioned is alleged with some facts. Nothing in this world is just a one-way highway; some roads divulge and lead to spooky wicked woods (yes, our foremost aim is to put you in an existential crisis).

Conspiracy theories are beliefs that events are subtly manipulated in the background by strong powers in every cutting-edge society. Around the world, some people believe the government or secretive companies are hiding a particular truth from the public. These conspiracists strive to uncover the “truth” behind some of the biggest news stories. Following is a list of a few more similar theories that are certainly mind-bending conspiracies or real-life scenarios you will never know! Cue* the ‘Illuminati confirmed’ sound.

1. Man from Taured

On a humid July day in 1954, a man landed at Tokyo Haneda Airport. When officials looked at his passport, they were startled to see that the issuer country, Taured, did not exist. The man was further surprised when he tried to locate his country on a map. He could not spot the place he called home on the map. The Taured man vanished as swiftly as the chaos started. Was this a hoax, or did the Japanese TSA stumble upon an interdimensional traveller?

2. Mk Ultra history

Mk Ultra was a trauma-based mind control program initiated by the CIA amidst the Cold War, for they thought the Russians were using tactics like mind control to aid them against America, so they knew they had to do it too! For the program, Nazis doctors were specially brought to America and given research jobs. Their research proved fruitful for the CIA in their brutal experiments, ranging from high doses of LSD to electroshock therapy to sensory deprivation. These experiments exposed the subjects to numerous psychological problems, such as dissociative identity disorder, where they would develop multiple personalities due to undue trauma. The experimenters wanted to tap into these personalities by using triggers to manipulate them. Soon the experiment ended in 1973, with most of the documentation destroyed and never recovered. However, do you think they stopped these experiments, considering they only had LSD and a few other mind-altering techniques and thought they were ready for world domination (little Mojojojo vibes over here)? It is speculated that many Hollyweird celebrities are under Mk Ultra trance to work according to the aims of their handler. Sometimes, these celebs glitch under the trance, such as the infamous Cardi Bi glitching video and Katy  Perry unable to keep her eye open during a concert.

3. Body doubles/Clones

One of the most infamous theories up to date, other than dusty Illuminati, is celebrities having body doubles or clones. Most prominent was that Avril Lavigne, a musician who allegedly died in 2003, was replaced by a body double named Melissa. Speculation goes that Taylor Swift was made using the genetic makeup of Zeena Lavey, daughter of Anton Lavey, founder of the Church of Satan.

Furthermore, a tool for backspacing is involved in music to reveal a message if one plays music backwards. In a musical track, ‘I am so tired’, the Beatles mentioned the words, ‘Paul is a dead man’ towards the end of the song, but in a backward manner. These words fueled the theory of Paul McCartney’s replacement by a body double, who has taken his position to this date.

Recently, Billie Eilish admitted using a body double during her Coachella performance earlier this year. 

Theorists also believe that artists reprogram themselves from time to time according to the requirements of their handlers. As time passes, they upgrade to handlers themselves- a tool of Mk-Ultra. Refer to Kanye West’s music video “Stronger” and Taylor Swift’s song, “Look What You Made Me Do”.

“I am sorry the old Taylor cannot come to the phone right now


Oh, because she is dead.”

4. New World Order

According to the New World Order (NWO) conspiracy theory, a dictatorial global government is quietly taking shape. Conspiracy theories about a New World Order typically centre on the idea that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is working to establish a totalitarian one-world government. The theorised aim of the government is to replace sovereign nation-states and have a pervasive propaganda campaign, celebrating the establishment of the New World Order as the pinnacle of human progress. Many historical and contemporary figures are allegedly involved in orchestrating significant political and financial events, such as causing systemic crises or enacting controversial policies nationally and internationally. These areas step in a continuing plot to undermine the United States government.

5. The Elites- members of NWO

We suppose you already know about the following: the Illuminati, the 666 sign supposedly the devil number, the hand rock sign showing devil horns, and the infamous Baphomet devil with one arm above and one below. What comes to your mind when you think about who can be a part of it, considering there is an actual website of the Illuminati on the internet? Honestly, your answer should be the most influential people on the planet (hehe). It is believed that these organisations, including Freemasons, practise Satanic rituals, harvesting evil energy and performing sacrifices in a transaction to the “devil” in return for more riches. The Disney movie Hocus Pocus helps us understand the simple concept, where the three witches sacrifice children so they can attain youthfulness – one can wonder why human trafficking is a 150-billion-dollar industry. It seems bizarre, but when places like Bohemian Grove exist, one ponders whether it is a coincidence or a straight-up fact. Bohemian Grove is a secret hangout spot in California for the most influential rich men in the world, where they sing karaoke, do some hunting, eat s’mores, and then head back home. Such a happy retreat!

These influential people control almost what goes around all year long and have vast connections, so vast that they never seem to end.

“Tell your Clinton friends to come and get me

I am here.”

6.Predictive Programming 

Predictive programming is not a scientific term, but describes the programming in dramas and movies. It shows us bizarre things that later happen in real life. This technique is for desensitising people, so when the events occur, it all seems normal. Ever wondered why the predictions made in The Simpsons came true? The longest-running animated television series and scripted prime-time TV show in U.S. history happened to predict events before they occurred in real life. Two of the most famous predictions were that Disney would acquire 21st Century Fox and Donald Trump would become president of the United States. Moreover, the show also predicted the 2014 Ebola outbreak seventeen years before it happened and the 9/11 incident four years before its happening. Is all of this a stroke of unexpected luck, or can they be trusted with further future event forecasts?

Pop music predicted the 9/11 incident several times. One of them was the Coup band in June 2001, whose album cover showed the band members in front of the burning twin towers. It was to be released in September but got rescheduled.

Moreover, the Netflix series “Black Mirror” released in 2011, depicts the dystopian future. If you watch it now, you would realise most of those advancements already exist. 


If you have made it this far into the article, you might be questioning a lot more than this, but at the end of the day, all of these are just theories that most probably will never get on paper. There is lots of everything out there; the world is huge for all of it. Maybe that dystopian future in sci-fi novels is our present, with the crazy government on the loose and eerie dark energies all around. With hidden agendas in cartoons, one can not even watch those without pointing out any symbols *cries*. The rant never ends; we live in a sad, torn world. Apologies for existential crises, there there:

All around me are familiar faces

Worn-out places, worn-out faces

Bright and early for the daily races

Going nowhere, going nowhere

By Tajwar Qaiser & Shizza Jamshed

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