We Are Coming for You, Misters!

A Level is often referred to as a fresh start in the transitioning lives of us teenagers. However, after experiencing it for about a year and a half I have concluded that it is rather, an era of realization and learning from mistakes for individuals who struggle to grow as human beings. For harassers, on the other hand, it is a grazing ground of exploitation and toxicity. Continue reading We Are Coming for You, Misters!

We Need You To March On the 29th. Here’s Why:

‘Good’ A Level students from ‘respectable’ families are expected to stand clear from the messiness of everyday life, and focus on what ‘really matters’: formal education, profile building, and securing a place at a good university. And so, ironically, the most well educated, well informed section of the population on whom the future of the country depends stand structurally outside any space that is political. It is almost as if you are encouraged not to entrench yourself within the geography and politics of the world around you.

But you have the power to change that.
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