An Architectural guide to campus spots

If there is one thing that I have grown to accept during the past three months at campus, it’s the odd timings and dreadful gaps between classes. While others prefer getting a taste of hellfire and “chilling” in the scorching heat on the campus grounds, I, on the other hand, memorized multiple gateways to heaven; and by heaven, I mean a room with a functioning … Continue reading An Architectural guide to campus spots

10 Rules for Science Events: An Antidote to Chaos

Throughout this year, we’ve frequented many science events – albeit some of them being online. Recently, we visited LGS 55 main for Sci-matics, and based on our experience, we decided to put up a guide for anyone else who may be interested in attending any event at all – or just for the next batch of juniors (Peer helpline thing be like.) 1. A portable … Continue reading 10 Rules for Science Events: An Antidote to Chaos

Dumb Ways To Die: A Level Edition

Countless empty bottles of Sting, tear-stained past paper pages and many sleepless nights later, I have somehow miraculously made it through the first term of A Levels. Now, people will tell you that “it’s just A1” and “it’s not that bad,” do NOT make the mistake of trusting their words. They are your enemies. Trust me; the transition from O Levels to A Levels is … Continue reading Dumb Ways To Die: A Level Edition

Stages of Grief – The Transition from A1 to A2

Hello! Yet again. We weren’t ready to let go of the ‘TLC Writer’ era this soon, so we’re back—just in time for you to read this glorified A2-has-ruined-our-lives rant under the guise of an article: the 5 stages of grief brought to you as transitions from A1 to A2. The concept of the stages of grief viz., denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, is probably … Continue reading Stages of Grief – The Transition from A1 to A2

A-level: The Anime

Proof that A-Level is an anime in some alternate universe: you have no idea what’s coming for you and the plot twists will make you cry. There is no meme here, just distant cries of our suffering comrades accompanied by some suitable background music. Add a shade more of exaggerated drama, some generic tropes, and throw in a lot of quirky people, and you would … Continue reading A-level: The Anime

A Tribute To The A2’s

DISCLAIMER: it would be wise to keep a box of tissues next to you as you read this. Apologies in advance. What started off as a casual conversation evolved into a friendship, a friendship that evolved into something special. In this short span of time that we have known each other, all of you have left an unforgettable impression upon us, and it truly is … Continue reading A Tribute To The A2’s

An Honest How To MUN Guide

I have often referred to myself as ‘an avid reveller in the MUN Circuit’, especially in interviews or volunteer applications, and other such platforms where we are made to slave away in the prospect of building portfolios, following the formula we’re told is essential for any of us to get somewhere in life. The substantiation for this claim comes, of course, from a fair amount … Continue reading An Honest How To MUN Guide

An Insider Look Into the Workings of Modus Operandi

Enter the world of Modus Operandi; from cult leaders to church conspiracies, making this category was perhaps one of the most memorable experiences of our A-Level journey. Putting aside the often disconcerting amount of workload the nuances of Modus Operandi demanded, the making of this category was quite thrilling: the bloopers, the bullying, the cast interviews and dramatics, and more, all contributed to the creation … Continue reading An Insider Look Into the Workings of Modus Operandi

A Users Manual: Surviving A Level

POV: You had to start the most important and memorable part of your life during a pandemic, online, and after only a month-long summer vacation.  With the cancellation of the May/June CAIE session and the palpable euphoria that came alongside the result, the sudden commencement of A Level was a marvellous way to add to the celebration. All of us had been waiting tirelessly, day … Continue reading A Users Manual: Surviving A Level

A2 and UniApps: A How-To Guide

Try interacting with any A2 student and the conversation will likely dissolve into a rant over their Application deadlines, missing supplements, countless unfilled financial aid forms, and the consistent postponement of the SAT’s before you could even say: “How are you?”  Surprisingly, however, they tend to reply quite quickly since they’re always begging for new ways to put their futures in jeopardy. Some may even … Continue reading A2 and UniApps: A How-To Guide