About Us

The LACAS Chronicles (TLC) is a student-run blog based in LACAS A-level Johar Town. We aim to present a set of diverse content for our readers ranging from personal stories to opinion pieces to photography and artwork. The blog, which revolves mostly around school life, aims to be relatable not only for LACAS students, but A-Level and high school students in general.


Introducing ‘The TLC Logbook.’

TLC content is categorised according to a logbook with the following themes: seen, heard, and spoken. These categories are explained below.


This category is all about showcasing the visual aspect of college life – ranging from artwork to sports to other daily activities. You’ll see beautiful paintings and sketches, nail-biting football matches, fierce gaming tournaments, and much more!


Bookworms, nerds, geeks, jocks: you’ll get to know them all! Consisting of life stories from everyone who is or has been associated with the institution, or anyone else under our radar who has a unique story to tell, this category aims to showcase the diverse student body and faculty at our school and others.


Our final category has most of our previous articles, and will have our regular upcoming articles, under one roof. Everything written by the LACAS Chronicles Team and contributors is included in this category – op-ed pieces, all kinds of reviews, satirical articles, informative guides, etc.



It is to be noted that the views and opinions expressed in our work do not necessarily reflect those of the LACAS institute. We value the principle of free speech, and hence any article that we publish presents only the unfiltered view of the credited author as an individual.