5 Signs You’re the Parent of Your Friends Group

Whether it’s going to them for therapy, advice or food, we all have a friend who’s an adoptive parent to us or has been one at some point. If you seem to be the friend in question, then this one’s for you.



1) You’re their therapist

Whether you’re busy with your own school work, extracurriculars or family, you still make time for a friend in need [disclaimer: cliche line coming up] because a friend in need is a friend indeed! Aha! Okay sorry. But in all seriousness, there have been times when you’ve listened to the drama in your friend’s life and consoled them. Sometimes the drama is hot tea (be honest, you enjoy it) but other times it’s a genuine problem. Regardless, you always seem to make time to listen and help out wherever you can.


2) Your friends come to you for advice 

You’re in charge of most of your friends’ life decisions because honestly — if you don’t make those decisions, who will? Afterall, you can’t trust your friends to be responsible teens/adults and make their own rational decisions because boy oh boy, are they bad at it. It’s also ironic how you (of all people) give them advice considering your own decisions haven’t always been — well, very up to par. 



3) You feed them

Maybe you felt extra nice. Maybe you were bored. Or maybe you wanted to try out your baking skills on them. All in all, if you’ve cooked for them or bought them food, you’ve automatically taken the role of a caregiver at some point. Some of your friends are so broke that every time you have loose change left over, it automatically has to get spent on them.



4) You provide unpaid tuition 

“With great (parental) power comes great responsibility,” a wise man once said. I know what you’re thinking. A wise man? Is that possible? We don’t know yet but that’s not the topic of this article. You’ve often taught your friends difficult topics and given your notes to them when they’ve been absent. WhatsApp calls or long-winded voice notes are often used to deliver impromptu lectures — everyone loves unpaid labour!



5) No matter how dumb your friends get, you’ll still love them unconditionally 

There are times when you want to just ████████████████████████ (Editor’s note: some details have been redacted due to their violent and mildly terrifying nature.) but they know that no matter how much they irritate you, they’re still going to be your children and you’ll still love them regardless. Right? 


Muhammad Faheel Haider



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