A Tribute to the A2s

“All good things must come to an end,” a quote I’ve heard and believed in since I was a seven-year old child. From eating your favorite strawberry sundae with your best friend while the sun sparkled in your face to the most prized batch leaving the college grounds for something even better, everything must eventually come to an abrupt stop. The memories these little moments carry always stay in our hearts even if these moments end within a blink of an eye. We’ll still remember them just like they occurred yesterday. Yes it’s true! The A2s are nearing the end of their senior year and we’re devastated (not for the council positions though). Emotions are running higher than ever and memories are constantly being discussed and built further. Hence, we decided to talk about some unforgettable days with the batch of 2020. Let’s get to it!

  • While cutting off Fatima, “Acha I’ll tell you what actually happened. We decided to take this picture with our friends for the group icon on WhatsApp. As Fatima was climbing up, uske baazu nikalne wale thay. As you can see, there are a lot of people missing in the picture and so we decided to Photoshop them into it. My own picture was actually screenshotted from a video that they somehow got a hold of. We put Sherry’s face over Bilal’s and it fit perfectly. Also, this wasn’t even initially supposed to be a picture — I was just trolling everyone into thinking that I was snapping a picture whereas I was actually making a video of them standing still (sick move Musa, sick move). Yeah so, that’s it. I don’t know why this isn’t the group icon anymore. Fatima, isse wapis lagao.”
    – Musa, The Bablus


  • Yaar it was desi day and hum wese hi pictures le rahe thay. Hurmat, one of our friends, wasn’t in it and we missed her a lot. She was sad because of the fact that she couldn’t attend. So, we later decided to crop her face from one of her snaps and Photoshop it onto our group picture. Then we also decided to paste the sticker over our hearts because Hurmat humare dilon mein hai!”
    – The Elite Singers


  • After taking a moment to process what was going on, Bilal proceeds by saying, “Yaar basically, ever since I’ve met Maryam, we’ve had so many instances where we both agreed on the same things, had similar insecurities and shared so many aspects in our lives that were alike. It was hard to tell whether or not we are different people. This is a picture that we took recently and we mimicked the Spiderman meme. Aray aap bhi?. It’s like I’m a second Maryam or she’s another Bilal. Han tou bas yehi hai, let me do my assignment now.”
    – Bilal, The Twins


  • “This picture is from A1, right after mids started. Everyone had lost contact with one another and so we decided to meet up at Cokefest (typical JT boy move). As it was a family event, some of us got hold of a few people and went inside with them while others suffered outside. We met one of our friends there and well Cokefest, double Cokefest ban gaya tha. Anyways, right after the event got wrapped up, sub ko aisa laga keh sub kabhi aleda hi nai hoye thay. In this picture, everyone either loved or was disgusted by the other person — there was nothing in between.
    – The JT Boys


  • After some confused looks, she starts off, “First we went up at the top of the hill. We followed the footsteps of a batch mate, he kinda had those big feet. We were holding each other closely so that we didn’t fall considering our shoes had zero grip on the snow beneath them. At last, we reached the top of the hill and took this group picture, enjoyed the sunset, and talked to one another like there’s no tomorrow. When we had to come back down from there, the only way to do so was by slipping and sliding downhill. It was a vigorous slide, not going to lie. As a result, our clothes got all wet and soggy. We were even about to fall down but one of our batch friends caught us in time or else we would have lost it.”
    – IT Girl Squad


As much as I tried to make this fun for the readers, it makes me nostalgic to think how all these people are only going to be with us for four more months now. Even in that short while, we A1s have created such strong bonds with a lot of them (I repeat, not for the council positions). We hope they succeed wherever they step and that nothing stops them from achieving their dreams in the future!

Eman Hussain
TLC Writer


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