The A-Level Journey: A Meme Catalog

Oh, so you’ve achieved a wonderful set of grades in O-level and want to replicate all those As and A*s come the end of your second year here? You might want to reconsider these wishes. A seat belt fastening is what you desperately need right now, what with all the bumps life is about to send in your direction. Here’s a thorough manual disguised as a meme catalog to help you out.

Beware of Being Disillusioned

There. We said it. Your first month is practically a deception to help you ease into what’s yet to come. Thus one CANNOT stress it enough for you to understand that you should not take THAT particular month as a baseline for the level of difficulty A-level has to offer because boy would you be wrong to do that. Studying one day before the assessment is the A-level equivalent of jumping into a live volcano. Mark. These. Words.

Social Life Maneuvers


Moving on to the sad and depressing. We’ve all either been through these or are yet to be their victim. Dramas run pretty high, not to mention they’re most often rather petty. A whole lot of freshies are coming in from different O level institutions across the city, so it’s hardly worth mentioning that there will be newer faces for you to share classrooms with. A WHOLE LOT of new faces. And well, indirectly, some friendships face a rough phase.
To be honest, ‘some’ is an understatement too.

Academic Assault

Well, would you take a look! Doing great on one assessment isn’t really a walk in the park and yet, you’ll still be tested EVERY SINGLE MONTH. There’s no way around it. Flunking isn’t really an option because all these grades are adding up in your transcripts. So uhhhh, “Parh lo beta abhi bhi mauqa hai”. This isn’t O-level. This is the real deal. Happy stress hours to you all!

Lucifer in Disguise

Read this section with a grain of salt. Yes, events are fun and yes, co-curriculars would look great on that college essay but you need to hold it on a tight leash. I don’t mean to scare you off but A-level is a 6 day a week ride so you’ll be missing lots of lectures. Add into this, the usual ‘Pick/Drop’ bickering (exclusively for students whose fathers don’t lend them an 05′ Toyota Corolla) and all hell breaks loose. Don’t get me wrong, perfect events come once in a blue moon but when they do, you’re probably going to have a great time.

A Giant Leap

Well there’s really not much to say here. The meme does a pretty good job at conveying what it needs to convey. Whatever the benchmark for difficulty may be, it definitely wouldn’t be realized in your A1. A2. IS. THE. REAL. DEAL.

Entering College Territory

If you don’t have an elder sibling or cousin whose been through this, you probably don’t even know what the SATs stand for. Frankly, even I don’t. It’s this breeze of a test you’re supposed to take for acceptance in internationally recognized universities. However, the breeze is actually a blizzard-cyclone fusion and you’re practically halfway in your coffin. Good luck!

Continuing the Legacy

Onto the wholesome aisle. The people are what makes these 2 years bearable. The best part is that 2 years mean 2 awesome batches on either ends of your A level program with countless people worthy of all your love and affection what with the diversity they’ll bring in your life. The sad part? You only get one year with anyone who’s not in your own batch. 2 farewells and a million memories, in all shapes and sizes. Make the best out of your already limited time with everyone. We’re a family and you’re a part of it too!

Onto the Acceptances (and Rej*****ns)

You spend hours, days and weeks in search of the best possible scholarships in the most prestigious of schools. Two years, however painful, will pass away in a jiffy and life won’t slow down for you, so get going with those applications, attend all university sessions, and broaden your horizons because there’s a plethora of options at your disposal to choose from. Wise choices require ample pondering time. It might not be the best advice out there but seriously though, if need be, cut down on those prep hours for CAIEs and work on your applications because landing an unconditional acceptance is basically dreamland territory. Time’s running out.

We’re in the Endgame Now

Remember all those vows you made to yourself? All those A*s you wanted to replicate? Well, CAIEs happened and well, you’ve come out in one piece. That’s good enough. Trust us when we say that you should be proud of the grades you got, no matter what your parents (or your Phupos) say. Besides, grades don’t really define you.
Disclaimer: Sike. 

Trying to achieve comedy with the last bit of commentary and well, it’s going to be a difficult yet thrilling 2 years that you’ll never forget, for all the good reasons. You’ll miss it once it’s over. Make the most out of it before it’s too late!

Bassam Virk
TLC Writer

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